"We needed a convenient and suitable way to communicate and share sensitive patient info across our medical practice. GLYPH by SENTRIQS provided just the right mix of an intuitively designed UI and cutting-edge security. We especially like that we can individually control message access and group participation by specific device. This closed loop approach safeguards our conversations and patient records with quantum safe encryption that will protect us well into the future."

Robert Campbell, CEO

Industry Solutions

Modern Security For Family Offices

Sophisticated Security For Your Most Sophisticated Clients

Your most valued clients expect world-class customer service. They also expect 100% protection for their privacy and data.

Security teams work hard to deploy necessary safeguards, but advances in quantum computing will soon make current encryption standards 100% vulnerable.

Introducing GLYPH. We’ve built the world’s first Messaging Layer Security (MLS) and quantum resilient communications & collaboration platform in the market.

GLYPH delivers unmatched privacy and data protection through a closed-network, MLS, quantum-safe software application and platform.

Safely send messages, make calls and hold virtual meetings with zero-trust device onboarding and end to-end encryption that protects your most valuable assets – your clients’ trust and confidence.

Industry Solutions

Modern Security For Healthcare

Sophisticated Security For Your Most Sophisticated Clients

Patients expect 100% protection of their private health information (PHI). They also expect providers to take reasonable steps to guard their information in the future.

That is why healthcare IT teams work hard to deploy technology that safeguards patient information. But advances in quantum computing will obliterate current encryption protection, making previously confidential patient information 100% vulnerable.

Introducing GLYPH, the world’s first messaging & collaboration solution to feature Message Layer Security and quantum-safe communications.

GLYPH delivers unmatched privacy and data protection through a closed-network, quantum-safe software application, or on existing business platforms through software integration.

Safely share files, send messages, andhold virtual consultations with end-to-end encryption that guards your patients’ PHI – now and in the future.


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