Sentriqs Secures Phase One SBIR Contract to Develop Quantum-Resistant Push-to-Talk for Air Force

Savannah, GA – June 24, 2024 – SENTRIQS, a leading innovator in secure communication technologies, today announced a Phase One Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract award from the United States Air Force, the second such award the company has secured since December of 2023. This award will see SENTRIQS develop a groundbreaking quantum-resistant push-to-talk (PTT) solution specifically designed for mobile phone integration.

“We are incredibly honored to be selected by the Air Force for this critical project,” said Damien Fortune, CEO of SENTRIQS. “Quantum-resistant communication is essential for safeguarding national security in the face of evolving threats. This innovative PTT solution will equip Air Force personnel with secure, real-time communication capabilities directly on their mobile devices.”

The Phase One SBIR contract will focus on the feasibility, design, and development plan for the quantum-resistant PTT system. The company’s team of security experts will leverage their expertise in cryptography and mobile app development to create a user-friendly and highly secure solution.

“Our PTT system will bring state-of-the-art encryption techniques to audio communications across a broader array of platforms," explained Dylan Knight, CTO of SENTRIQS. “This technology will extend the range of traditional point-to-point radio communications while simultaneously hardening them to the threat posed by future quantum computers.”

The successful completion of Phase One will pave the way for Phase Two, which will involve the prototyping and testing of the PTT system. SENTRIQS is committed to delivering a solution that meets the Air Force’s stringent security requirements and enhances operational efficiency for its personnel.

About Sentriqs

Sentriqs is a pioneering company dedicated to developing advanced secure communication solutions. With a focus on cutting-edge cryptography and user-centric design, SENTRIQS empowers organizations to protect their most sensitive information into the quantum age.